HALSA All-purpose Cleaner Review

20/03/2015 3:20 PM
HALSA All-purpose Cleaner Review

First, let’s learn a little bit about HALSA All-purpose Cleaner. HALSA is a product manufactured and controlled by certified factory, which HALSA product is interested and pays attention to environmental impact. After getting to know a little bit about HALSO, let’s look at what this HALSA All-purpose Cleaner can do and how do we use it. Today, we will show you now to use all-purpose cleaner and its capability.

  1. It is used for washing both hand wash and machine wash;
  • With machine wash; with less than 4 kg of clothes, use 16-24 milliliters; with more than 4 kg of clothes, use 32-48 milliliters of the product.
  • With hand wash; mix 12 milliliters of the product per 1 kg of clothes and 5 liters of water.
  1. Used for washing household containers and appliances. Mix 4-12 milliliters of product per 5 liters of water. Clean household containers and appliances. Then, wash with clean water. In case of mixing in the bottle, it is recommended that all-purpose cleaner should be mixed with water at the ratio of 1:3. Always fill the bottle with water first and then pour the liquid in (If the mixture is to be used much later, it is recommended that clean water or drinking water should be used.). Mixing ratio can be adjusted according to usage depending on the amount of dirt and lipid stain.
  2. Used for general spray cleaning and mirror cleaning. Mix 300 milliliters of clean water or drinking water with 4 milliliters of concentrated HALSA (press the pump 1 time). Spray for cleaning as required such as cleaning dining table, mirror, etc.
  3. Used for cleaning household floor. Mix half of the bucket or 5-7 liters of water with 4 milliliters of concentrated HALSA (press the pump 1 time). Used it to mob the floor as usual.
  4. It is excellent for cleaning car or sanitary ware. It is gentle and suitable for people who loves to take care of their health.

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