Did you know? World population dies from poor drinking water 500,000 people a year, Thailand is sick more than 1 million per year.

01/08/2018 7:57 AM
Did you know? World population dies from poor drinking water 500,000 people a year, Thailand is sick more than 1 million per year.

It is well known that 70 percent of our body consists of water. Water is essential for living things. It is often said that without water it is free of life. In general, people can fast for several weeks. If water is lost within 2-3 days, the most important function of water is to mediate all kinds of chemical reactions in the metabolism of the body. All chemical reactions in the body rely on water. Cells can not function without water. Did you know that water is important to us?

Today, many of you may not see the importance of the quality of drinking water we drink a lot. I think that the water is clear like that. But who knows that under the crystal clear water that may be hidden by the impurities that cause harm to our body. I will know that the disease that came with the water came close to it. Let’s see the number of patients from drinking unclean in this news.

“The Ministry of Public Health urgently check the quality of drinking water safety of all types of Thai people in all areas to meet the standards. In particular, during the summer, the results of the monitoring of drinking water quality in Thai households in 2013 was found to be standardized by only 33%, especially the water vending machines are less than half thresholds, followed by turbidity and harshness, the World Health Organization. The world population is dying from poor drinking water, 500,000 each year, and Thailand is suffering more than 1 million deaths each year.

The United Nations announced on March 22 each year a “World Day for Water” campaign to raise awareness among all nations. The importance of water Because water is the basic requirement of all living things in the world. Especially the human life. The big problem now is that the water quality is reduced. Information from the World Health Organization. World population is sick of drinking water contaminated with stools about 1,800 million people each year, such as diarrhea, dysentery, cholera, typhoid etc .. and died about 500,000 people per year, average per minute. 

“Thailand. The Bureau of Epidemiology reported in 2557 that patients with diarrhea, dysentery, and dysentery had lost 1 million deaths nationwide in the first two months of this year. Almost two hundred thousand people have been reported to prevent such problems. The Ministry of Public Health has a policy for all Thai people to drink clean water. Be safe This will reduce the morbidity of people from gastrointestinal diseases to see results. Especially this summer. Many areas lack water for drinking water. The government urged all provincial health offices to monitor the quality of drinking water. Especially tap water. The level of chlorine residue is not less than 0.2-0. 5 milligrams per liter According to World Health Organization standards. To kill germs in the water. Control and inspection of bottled water production plants. Including ice cream factory, public relations, educating people to drink clean water. And assigned the Department of Health to monitor and develop safety standards for drinking water supplies. To build confidence in the public, “said Minister of Public Health.

See? The number of people who are sick and died from diseases caused by drinking water is not clean at all. It’s time for us to turn our attention. And pay attention to the quality of drinking water we drink every day.


Based on materials from Thai Health , ฺBangkok health