Cosmetics Allergy Symptoms Girls should be aware of

09/03/2015 3:13 PM
Cosmetics Allergy Symptoms Girls should be aware of

I believe that many people who are allergic to cosmetics, which there might be some rash or inflamed pimple, large pimple but do not know these symptoms are part of cosmetics allergy due to the face that cosmetics allergy may have different symptoms. Today, we have some good recommendation relating to cosmetics allergy for you.

Type of cosmetics that cause allergy

Cosmetics that easily causes allergy such as skin whitening product, blemish treatment cream, hair straightening liquid, or hair removal cream. This group of cosmetics may cause severe irritation. Most cosmetics in the group that does not cause severe side effect are hair perm liquid, hair dye liquid, hair treatment cream, facial cleansing product, acne cream, foundation cream, face wash foam, sunscreen, lipstick, or other products.

Cosmetics Allergy Symptoms

  1. Burning pain or itchy on the face where cosmetics was applied. This is a symptom that occurs in short period. Allergic symptom due to irritation will disappear when stop using cosmetics.
  2. Cause pimple on the face such as large pimple, which looks like a lump on the face and it is clearly noticeable.
  3. Cause urticarial, small rash with some swelling. In severe case, the whole face may swell and there may be other symptoms such as chest pain, difficult breathing. For example, hair dyes allergy, etc.
  4. Cause rash. If allergy is not severe, there will only be rash. If it is severe, there may be red lumps or blisters, and also itchiness.
  5. Cause black rash as the product contains perfume, which is chemical. When it is contacted with sunlight, there may be sunlight allergy or there may be reaction that causes black mark in contact area.

How to treat cosmetics allergy?

  1. When there is allergy, you should stop using cosmetics immediately. Or, there is allergic symptom but you do not know which cosmetics you are allergic to, you should stop using the product one by one. You should stop using the one that you think it causes allergy first, and then notice whether the symptom has improved.
  2. Treat the allergy until it is gone. If there is pimple or red rash, you should clean your face with plain water and refrain from using cosmetics to rest your face. If the symptom has not improved or there is still inflammation, you should see doctor for treatment.
  3. Avoid using cosmetics that causes allergy. If the allergy has gone, you should choose cosmetics that are suitable for sensitive skin for the time being.

Cosmetics allergy may have different severity. To protect beautiful skin from wrinkle due to allergy, you should check expiration date of the cosmetics that you are using. If it has expired or has been used for a long time, you must stop using it or throw it away for your skin health.