Choose Suitable Facial Cleansing Product

09/03/2015 3:10 PM
Choose Suitable Facial Cleansing Product

Choosing facial cleansing product is very important for skin care because skin of each individual is different. And, besides different skin condition, seasonal climate change also affects selection of facial skin cleansing product.

Before choosing facial skin cleansing product, you should know each type of skin condition in order to choose product that is suitable for each type of skin condition such as;

Skin Type/Condition and Selection of Skin Cleansing Product

  1. Oily Skin

For most people who have oily facial skin, the cause is hormone change and unbalanced hormone inside the body. Oily facial skin has wide pores, shiny, and coarser than other skin types because it has a lot of oil nourishing facial skin. People with oily facial skin are likely to have acne, including other types of pimple.

Selecting facial cleansing product should select product that reduce oiliness such as washing face with facial cleansing foam or soap that is gentle for the skin.

  1. Dried Skin

People who have dried skin must look after facial skin in particular because skin condition is likely to become drier with age. Dried skin will feel dried and stiff, rough, which easily leads to irritation and allergy. This skin type is likely to have wrinkle.

Selecting facial cleansing product should select product that contains moisturizer to increase skin moisture.

  1. Normal Skin

This is the most perfect skin and is unlikely to find skin problem. This type of skin is not too dried or too oily.

Selecting facial cleansing product for person with normal skin is easier than other skin types, or may select facial cleansing product according to the skin condition at that time such as to prevent skin from becoming too stiff or too oily.

  1. Mixed Skin

Mixed skin indicates skin that consists of more than one skin typ. This skin type has normal skin on the cheeks but oily in other parts of the face.

Selecting facial cleansing product should select product that helps get rid of excessive oil, and wash face with deep cleansing to tighten pores.

  1. Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is often found in person with dried skin. This skin type is quite thin. Small capillaries may be seen on the face.

Choosing facial cleansing product should choose facial cleansing product that has no color or perfume as ingredient to prevent skin allergy or irritation.

After we know our facial skin characteristics or type, we can choose suitable facial cleansing product. Or if we are not sure which type if our facial skin, we can consult expert for recommendation.