6 symptoms caused by heat. How to protect

01/08/2018 7:59 AM
6 symptoms caused by heat. How to protect

Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health Revealed in hot weather. 6 symptoms include: rashes, swollen ankles, cramps, soreness and heat stroke (Heat Stroke). To reduce the risk to health.    

Doctor Danai Thewiwan, deputy director general of the Department of Health  revealed that Thailand is entering the summer. Daytime temperatures rise. Heat is a problem that can cause illness and death. People at risk for pregnancy, the elderly, patients with heart disease. Hypertension, obesity, workplace or outdoor exercise such as farmers, construction workers. Athletes or heavy athletes. Including military enlistment. Special care must be taken. The health effects of heat from the body are overheated by the body. This can cause illness as follows.    

1) Skin rash is  caused by sweating the body, causing inflammation of the pores, causing skin irritation and redness or rash in the face, neck, chest, upper, under the breast and groin. water Wear well-ventilated clothing. And the rash.    

2) Ankle swelling Caused by the expansion of blood vessels. Cause swelling in the legs. Especially at the ankle. Should rest and sleep high legs.    

3) Cramps are caused by muscle contraction and acute contraction. Especially in the legs, arms and stomach, which is found in those who do activities or outdoor hard work. The body loses a lot of water and sweat minerals. Recommended to stretch the muscles of the cramp. Gently massage the muscle for 1-2 minutes, alternating with stretching. And drink mineral water. To compensate for the loss of body water.    

 4) Fear  of the body can not adapt to hot air. Because the body tries to drive excess heat out. By increasing blood flow to the skin, the blood supply to the brain is not sufficient for a while. Fainting Help is to lie flat on the floor. Use pillows, legs and feet higher than the body. The wind blower is in front of the body and provides sniffing, balsam or other salts. Use a cloth moistened with cold water. And massage the limbs. If symptoms do not improve within 30 minutes, see your doctor.    

5) Sunburn  Cause major loss of water or minerals to sweat for many hours. People who have sunburn still have sweating, fatigue, dizziness, headache, nausea and severe thirst. But still conscious. The method is to help the patient to lie high leg lift, use a blowing fan, put ice bags in the neck, neck, armpits, groin and groin. If the patient has a temperature within the body greater than 39 degrees Celsius, immediately discharge to hospital. 

6)  Heat Stroke is a very serious disease that occurs when it is hot. As a result, the temperature in the body increased more than 40 degrees Celsius and can not cool off normally. The symptoms are patients with red skin, heat sweat, not confused, unconscious and if not immediately. It can be fatal within a few hours. How to help the patient is to take patients to shelter. Or in a car with air conditioning. The room is cool. Remove clothes as needed. Use a damp cloth to wipe with the fan. Place the ice bag on the neck, neck, armpits, groin and groin. And rushed to the hospital soon. By air-conditioned car Or  if you are not comfortable or need help. Call the public health officer. Or contact the Life Support Line 1669, “said Deputy Director General of the Department of Health. 

Credit : Health Promotion Foundation (NESDB)

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